After reading this, you will quickly realize that you never need to masterbate alone again. Mutual masterbation is a very intimate experience that is done with two people in the room. Whether it is done separately or by helping each other doesn’t really matter, it is just the point of being together that can enhance any mutual masterbation experience.

Some couples enjoy watching each other to see what the other person’s expressions are, or what technique they use to give them the most pleasure. You shouldn’t feel threatened by the self satisfaction that they are feeling. It doesn’t mean that they don’t like sexual intercourse with you or get a better feeling by themselves, it is just that satisfying yourself gives you a different type of feeling or rush. Sometimes it is simply because one partner is not in the mood to have sex but wants to watch their partner enjoy the arousal that they get by masterbation.

There are plenty of mutual masterbation techniques that can be enjoyed together also. Touching the mans testicles while he performs masterbation adds more pleasure to his orgasm, just like a man inserting his finger into a woman’s vagina will stimulate her more while she is rubbing her own clitoris. Even something as easy as touching the persons thigh or leg, or for women have the man caress your breast will inspire you to orgasm much quicker or with more intensity.

Mutual masterbation tips for couples are to be comfortable with each other. You should discuss your masterbation needs and desires before you actually work together to achieve orgasm. If one person doesn’t feel comfortable with mutual masterbation then it won’t be a good experience for either party. You need to calm any anxieties one person might have about their role in mutual masterbation, as well as quell any thoughts that they might not be performing up to expectations during sexual intercourse. Done in the presence of your partner the act of masterbation is pleasing and adds a level of intimacy that you might not have during sexual intercourse.

Mutual masterbation can include toys, pornography, erotica, as well as anything that is agreeable and enjoyable. In this time of pleasure you should work together to achieve what is so natural to both of you. Use each other or yourself to satisfy your partner, and benefit from their looks, their passion, and their emotions. Mutual masterbation is nothing to be ashamed of, or thought of as wrong. It is a way to experience something with your partner that can keep your sex life active and exciting.

for the last year or so, my friend (we're both 20) and i have been manually stimulating/masterbating each other by facing each other with our legs intertwined. we rub up and down on each others legs... before this happens we are usually rubbing and touching each other's breasts and massaging each other. i know this is kind of detailed, but the thing is, we have never talked about it. it usually happens when we're spending the night at each other's houses and then after we've been asleep for a while. should i bring this up to her, we both act like it never happened. what do i do? and what does this mean? i just don't want to ruin our friendship... i'm totally confused about this. is this normal for heterosexual female friends to ever do?!?
I love masturbating and hubby loves watching me, but I love watching him do it too. We do it together, lying on the bed facing each other and masturb8. I love watching him pump his C*** and let his cum spray over my boobs. Sometimes we do it together and time it so that we cum at teh same time. Sometimes we each do it to ourselves, and sometimes to our partner, him making me cum and me pumping him. Any way its erotic.

It's so sexy to watch a guy masterbate and watch him enjoy himself. It's even better when you get to tape it and watch it while you give him a handjob. Such a fun little evil!
I came home from work and heard this noise from the bathroom. I knew what it was, a sort of slurpa slurpa sound. I listened outside the door, I could even hear my b/f breathing heavily, and it was a real turn on...I kept thinking he doesn't know Im here. we were doing up the flat, there was no lock on the door, and I burst in on him. He was sitting on the toilet, and he froze, his c**k in his hand. I leaned over and put my hand over his. he began to apologise but i shut him up. I was shaking with excitement as I began to pump it and he groaned with pleasure staring down the front of my top. It was a bit of an awkward position so I knelt and took him in my mouth. He was so nice to me afterwards, he paid for a really great meal out. A fter that he often did it, like sometimes Im tired in the morning and half asleep and he would do it next to me.
'd love to watch my boyfriend masturbate he said he will, in time, just not yet. i can't wait! i don't think i'd just be able to sit there and watch... it'd make me so horny, i'd either have to maturbate myself, or jump on him and finish him from there.
My husband and I often enjoy mutual masterbation. It's both educational (teaching each other what to do), and fun! We usually face each other and pleasure ourselves, and I love to look in to his eyes while I'm doing it. Sometimes I get out my toys as well and use them in front of him, and on his balls - he loves that! In fact this conversation is making me so horny - I'm off to find my hubby....
Yes, I love to watch my man masterbate. There were a few boyfriends (before I went all the way, or wouldn't which was a long time ago) that couldn't take it any longer and with or without my permission they helped themselves. I was a huge turn on then and it still is now.
I absolutely adore watching my husband stroke his C***! Sometimes I can't help but take over, and then sometimes I just start rubbing myself, looking in his eyes the whole time...
Watching my boyfriend bringing himself off is a massive turn on. Because we live about 6 hours away from each other, we don't get to see each other all that often. These video mobile phones are brilliant, he oftens films himself W**nking and then sends it to me, knowing how horny it will make me!!!
Book Description

There are many sex manuals on the shelves of bookstores. They offer advice on being sexier, on giving him what he really wants, on making her wild with desire. Most of them are about as substantive as a filmy piece of lingerie. What is missing is a down-to-earth, realistic, honest book.

Betty Dodson, Ph.D., is an international authority on sexual self-help and the author of the multimillion-copy bestseller Sex for One: The Joy of Self-Loving. She has devoted three decades of her life to sexual liberation for both women and men.

In Orgasms for Two: The Joy of Partnersex, Dr. Dodson debunks the myths that keep us from having satisfying—and mutually satisfying—sex lives. She shows us how to be happier and healthier through the benefits of pleasure, and she shows us how to get to know ourselves and our partners better, whether it’s the inner and outer workings of the anatomy or the best sex toys to bring to bed.

She writes often from her own experiences, because she feels people learn best through example, and she writes from the knowledge acquired through years of working with women and men, teaching workshops, and doing research. The knowledge gained through reading Orgasms for Two is like having a kindly, remarkably frank guide tell you all the things you’ve always wanted to know but never had anyone to ask.

Open Orgasms for Two and see how rewarding it is to cast aside conventional beliefs about sexuality and begin to enjoy the best sex of your life.

"Everyone has a right to keep his or her sex life private. The reason I’m willing to go public with mine is because it has been proven to me time and again that the most effective way to teach something as subjective as sexual pleasure is by using the power of example. Since the seventies, I have shared my challenges and successes in the process of exploring sexual pleasure. What is happening to me in terms of my sexuality is not an isolated incident taking place in a vacuum. The chances are good that many other people are dealing with similar issues."

Although the idea of pleasure might be frivolous in a world that appears to be on the brink of horrible disasters, I believe one of our best hopes for survival depends upon embracing and celebrating human sexuality as a healing force." —Betty Dodson, Ph.D.
Mutual masturbation is a great way to deal with differing sex drives; you don’t both have to be in the mood at the same time.  Mutual masturbation helps you learn what your partner likes, and teach your partner what works for you. Masturbation is another side of you: sharing talk about masturbation and/or masturbating in your partner’s presence can be a powerful way of sharing a new level of intimacy
I always considered myself straight, but I guess I am bi. At least bi- curious. A little more than a year ago a girlfriend and I went out for dinner. Maybe it was too much wine, but we started talking about masturbation. How often. How. Where. We went back to my apartment for more wine, and she asked me if I had done it with another woman. I said no, she said no. We agreed to try it, took off our shorts and under pants and started masturbating ourselves while sitting together on the couch. Looking at her fingers in her vagina and massaging her clit turned me on. Made me incredibly wet. I took off my top and bra. We both had orgasms -- really strong orgasms fast. We laid down on the couch and held each other for awhile. Next thing I knew she was masturbating my clit again. I touched her. We spent the night together. I have a boy friend and we're serious, but I have masturbated with her and another girl friend several times since. I like the way another woman knows how I feel. I like touching her and making her cum. I like the feel of a woman's body. My orgasms are not necessarily better than with my boy friend, but I have made love for hours with my girl friends masturbating, resting, touching each other, even having oral sex. Needless to say, I am conflicted.  Women Masterbating
My husband, who's sort of a masturbation junkie, thinks this is a great story and said I should post it. He is the only person who knows about this and says it still turns him on. I am sort of embarrassed by it. I never masturbated till I was in college. One afternoon, thinking I was alone for a couple of hours, I got naked and slipped into bed in the dorm to do this new thing that I found so great. I was touching myself for fifteen or twenty minutes, when my roommate came in. She asked what I was doing in bed, and when she saw my clothes on a chair nearby, she asked if I was masturbating. I said no, but she knew better and pulled back the blanket. She took off her clothes, got into bed next to me, and said we should do it together. We did. She touched my breasts while I touched myself, then asked me to touch her. We both had orgasms, then she pulled the blanket up and rested together. As we were putting on our clothes, she mentioned that a friend of hers down the hall liked to do it, too, so we could make it a threesome. For the next few months, once or twice a week, the three of us would meet in our room, get naked and masturbate. It was fun for awhile, even after we started masturbating each other. Soon they suggested we do oral on each other, which I tried but did not like. Next, they brought toys. I did not like that either, using toys on each other. Near semester break, I told my roommate that I liked it when we just got together, touched each other gently and made ourselves cum, but it was getting more than I wanted. She said she understood and admitted what I thought was the case: that she and the other girl wanted a full time relationship. We switched roommates for the next semester, and I have only masturbated by myself or with men since.
I think it is common and not really a big deal for guys to masturbate in front of each other. I grew up in a rural area and skinny dipping was not uncommon. Once, I was with a friend who was a year older than me and we were swimming in the river that ran through his property. We were nude and the subject of jacking off came up. I asked him to do it as I had never done it, at least not in the conventional way. He sat down in the sand and started stroking his hard on. After five or ten minutes he came. I remember him shooting mostly semen, as it was real clear. That was the only time he and I were together in such a setting. The next summer another friend, my age, were naked swimming in a pond on my property. I decided to jack off in front of him. He had never done it and watched intently as I stroked it to orgasm. He commented on the size of my cock as I was pretty well hung for a thirteen year old. It was an erotic experience for both of us. Nothing happened between us until we were eighteen. We took a trip to a neighboring state and and in our motel room we did it in front of each other. Over the next four years we repeated the scene a few times. I remember at least twice jacking off in the car while he was driving on rural freeways. I liked jacking my big cock in front of him and he enjoyed the show. On two occasions we gave each other head when we drunk. It was always his idea. We did not think of it as being gay. We were just horny. I have jacked off over the years thinking about our experiences. I do enjoy looking at big cocks but the idea of having sex  (i.e.intercourse with another male) is completely repulsive to me.
While we enjoy sexual intercourse, my wife and I have explored mutual masturbation for many years. Sometimes, we will lie in bed and masturbate to orgasm watching but not touching each other. Other times we engage in foreplay, including oral sex and anal stimulation, then masturbate. Of course we masturbate each other, too, often after we have had intercourse. We enjoy masturbating outside, on our deck or discreetly at a beach or elsewhere. Having a wide interest in masturbation allows us to take advantage of many sexual opportunities that do not allow intercourse.
Several years ago I was set up with a blind date, who turned out to be an attractive, intelligent woman. Our first date was dinner, after which I took her home and said goodnight. I called her for a second date a few days later, and we set up another dinner. It went better than the first date so I was not surprised when she invited me in after I took her home. We had another glass of wine, snuggled up and kissed a few times, touched each other. I asked her if she wanted to make love. She said yes, but did I have a condom. I didn't. She admitted that she was afraid of disease and pregnancy, and asked me to be understanding. I said she was not unreasonable, after all we did not really know each other; but I hoped we could make love another time. She said yes, stood up and removed her top and unhooked her bra. Her breasts were fabulous. The hard on I had lost a few minutes ago returned. I said that I thought she did not want to make love, and she replied that she did not want to have intercourse, then removed her skirt, her underpants and shoes. Her beautiful naked body was driving me crazy. I wanted to touch every inch. She asked if I was going to just sit there. I took my clothes off in record time. She reached over and touched my cock. I thought I would cum. She said there were other ways to have sex. We went into her bedroom and made love. I probed her vagina, rubbed her clit and made her cum, then did it again. She stroked my cock and made me cum in huge amounts. We rested, and she said she wanted more. Bite her nipples, suck her toes. She got on all fours and bent over. She said to touch her clit, put my thumb on her anus and make her cum. When I was finished, she licked and bit my scrotum while she stroked my cock, then she put a finger in my anus while she jacked me off. I was as spent as if I had intercourse. I had never had better sex.
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Masturbation Stories !
Mutual masturbation might result in one or more of the partners achieving orgasm. If no bodily fluids are exchanged (as is common), mutual masturbation is a form of safer sex, and greatly reduces the risk of transmission of sexual diseases.
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Mutual masturbation is a sexual act where two or more people stimulate themselves or one another sexually, usually with the hands. This may be done in situations where the participants do not feel physically able (or that it is socially appropriate) or people are not ready to have full sexual intercourse, but still wish to have a mutual sexual act. It is also done as part of the full repertoire of sexual intercourse, where it may be used as an interlude, a form of foreplay or simply as an alternative activity to penetration. In some people, it is the primary sexual activity of choice above all others because it enables the individuals to see face to face and leaves the hands free to caress, as seen in frottage (see below). Mutual masturbation can be practiced by people of all sexual orientations. If used as an alternative to penile-vaginal penetration, the aim may be to preserve virginity or to prevent pregnancy. Some people may choose it as it achieves sexual satisfaction without actual sex, possibly seeing it as an alternative to casual sex.
–Tips & Techniques for & women
Here you will find our how to guide to mutual masturbation and stories from real people sharing their stories. We invite you to share your story :
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Orgasms for Two:
How to Guide to Mutual Masturbation
How to Guide to Mutual Masturbation
I love masturbating and hubby loves watching me
my friend and i have been masturbating together
It's so sexy to watch a guy masterbate
i caught my husband masturbating
i love masturbating with my girlfriend, am i bi-sexual?
My husband, who's sort of a masturbation junkie
I absolutely adore watching my husband stroke his cock
i love watching my boyfriend jack-off !
i love to watch my man masturbate !
I think it is common and not really a big deal for guys to masturbate together
My husband and I often enjoy mutual masterbation.
'd love to watch my boyfriend masturbate
my wife and I have explored mutual masturbation for many years.
mutual masturbation turns out to be awesome
Mutual Masturbation - Frottage, more commonly known as dry humping, is the act of achieving sexual pleasure with a partner or partners, whether naked or clothed, without penetration. This can include using almost every part of the body, including the buttocks, the breasts, abdomen, thighs, feet, hands, legs, and sexual organs. Frottage can include mutual genital rubbing, sometimes called genito-genital or GG rubbing and most of the other forms of non-penetrative sex.
Mutual Masturbation - Colloquialisms "dry humping": two people engaging in clothed sex in a manner that simulates intercourse.
Mutual Masturbation - "grinding", "dubbing", or "freaking": a modern dancing style that involves partners rubbing their clothed bodies on one another.
Mutual Masturbation
Mutual Masturbation - Erotic massage, rubbing all over, with or without oil. Can be especially intense in combination with deep breathing.
Mutual Masturbation - Handjob, stimulating the penis with the hand
Mutual Masturbation
Mutual Masturbation
Mutual Masturbation - Foot job, stimulating male genitals with the feet
Mutual Masturbation - Intercrural sex, also known as Interfemoral intercourse, where a man places his penis between the partner's thighs
Mutual Masturbation
Mutual Masturbation
Mutual Masturbation
Mutual Masturbation
Mutual masturbation can be a fun, functional, and educational addition to any couples sex life. Whether you’re a shy introvert or a happy exhibitionist
Mutual Masturbation Terms
Axillary intercourse, where a man rubs his penis in another person's armpit, also known as bagpiping.
Erotic massage, rubbing all over, with or without oil. Can be especially intense in combination with deep breathing.
Fingering, stimulating the vagina or anus with the fingers
Frot, penile-penile rubbing between two males
Handjob, stimulating the penis with the hand
Foot job, stimulating male genitals with the feet
Intercrural sex, also known as Interfemoral intercourse, where a man places his penis between the partner's thighs
Mammary intercourse, also known as tit-fucking, is when a man rubs his penis between a woman's breasts
Oral stimulation of nipples
Oral sex, using the mouth on another's genitals, though some definitions exclude oral sex as a form of outercourse due to disease risk [3]
Sumata, type of stimulation of male genitals popular in Japanese brothels.
Tribadism, vulval-vulval rubbing between two females, also known as "scissoring"
Virtual sex, mutual masturbation at a distance with the aid of technology
A number of BDSM activities do not involve penetration. However they are not generally considered under the same heading, possibly because they involve their own special risks or possibly because they are not substitutes for "having sex".

Mutual masturbation is when two or more persons touch, caress, massage or stroke the genitals of each other, usually with the goal of producing pleasure
Mutual Masturbation Products
1- Flavored lubricant
Works best for: You and her
Flavored lubes are a great way to add spice to any masturbatory romp. It's not all about the receiver when it comes to flavored lubricants -- they help make the experience fun for the giver too. Simply apply a generous amount of the lube to the area you or your gal is going to be tasting and enjoy. - click here !
2- Warming lubricant
Works best for: Her
Give her some extra fun during your mutual masturbation exploits with warming lube. These lubes contain liquid that heats on contact, enhancing your every touch and heightening your partner's physical pleasure. Choose a water-based formula so that you won't only be limited using you hands.  - click here !
3- Vibrator
Works best for: Her
Vibrators are a fun tool to integrate into mutual masturbation. You have two options here -- you can use it on her or she can use it on herself while you watch. If you're using it on her, try varying the intensity of the vibrator's speed. Start slow and build up the speed or switching from slow to fast a few times to drive her mad with pleasure. - click here !
4- Penis pump
Works best for: Him
5- Anal plug
Works best for: You
Pumps aren't only for men with itty-bitty penises or for men who can't get it up. They can also be used to
heighten sensation during masturbation. Because the pump draws more blood into the penis, you will be sensitive to every touch, lick and nibble she teases you with.

While the effects of pumping your penis are temporary,
you don't need to rush through masturbating. Depending on how much you pumped it, you should be feeling heightened sensation in the area for a good while. click here !
Mutual masturbation can involve the genitals as well as the anus. The anus is home to a plethora of nerves that, upon being stimulated, can produce strong sensations and even orgasm in both men and women. In men, the anal plug is a good way to massage the prostate, which many consider to be the male G-spot. So, ask her to use the plug on you to help you reach intense orgasm. - Click here !
mutual masturbation is a great way to have a little fun with sex -- and throwing a lube or toy into the mix can only lead to greater results.
Don't. It sure beats the heck out of slappin' the salami all by yourself.
if you feel a little uncomfortable with turning your one-man act into a twosome,
Fleshlight is the #1 male sex toys and couples love it , for mutual masturbation - click here to learn more !
Mutual masterbation techniques for you and your partner. You'll love the rush and wondered why you never tried it before.
Do you have a small penis? We can help.
Do Women Like To Watch Men Masturbate? - click here !
Masturbation Stories!
Masturbation Stories !