I love to masterbate infront of my wife. I get even harder when she is watching me. Sometimes I will go to the bedroom and lay on the bed and start getting my cock hard, and about 5 minutes later she will be standing at the door watching me. It makes her so wet, while watching me she will start masterbating with me. I get so hard when she starts to masterbate that I really start going to town on my cock. I do it all the time........... I love it
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Mutual masturbation - I've been using the internet for years and have met many women online who like to share their fantasies and mutually masturbate while we talk dirty on the phone. I am 40 and have always had a thing for older women. I was chatting one day on a sex/advise website with a woman who said she was 64 years old. I was skeptical at first but she gave me details that led me to believe she was honest. She said she had been in an abusive, sexless marriage for years and had recently got the courage to divorce the scoundral and was just awakening to her sexuality. She said she had always believed masturbation was evil, but had just come to discover the pleasures of self-loving. I asked her if I could call her and she reluctantly agreed. On the phone I found a nervous, but excited woman who certainly sounded her age. I asked her if she would masturbate for me and she agreed.
Mutual masturbation - Masturbating alone becomes too routine over time for many men. There are never any real surprise because they already know what to expect. There's always the possibility of being caught in the act but that is a decision we can all make so it removes the excitement of not knowing what will happen next. Solo masturbating over times transformed from something men look forward to into something they rush through thus becoming boring. Sex should never be boring.
Mutual masturbation can also mean masturbating together. From the perspective of spiritual sexuality, the sexual energy built up with masturbation can be shared even if you aren’t physically touching each other. Some people make a game of it, and try to masturbate in synch so they finish together. If you don’t have a lot of time you might compete to see who finishes first. One of the great things about doing this is sharing your feelings as you both lie there satisfied by your own hands, but sharing an intimate moment together.
Mutual Masturbation - Before you dive right in, it’s a good idea to talk about masturbation with your partner. Even though most people continue to masturbate while in relationships, many couples hide their masturbation in relationships . The conversation doesn’t need to be serious or heavy, and it could even start as more of a curiosity, sharing stories about when you first masturbated, or how you learned to masturbate. The point is to get masturbation on the table as a topic as a way of gauging both your and your partners comfort with the subject.
How To Tips for Mutual Masturbation - The first step to sharing masturbation with a partner is getting comfortable in your own masturbatory-skin (that’s kind of a gross image, but I think you know what I mean). This may mean educating yourself about masturbation myths, or exploring masturbation more on your own first. If you haven’t thought much about how you masturbate start to give it some thought, notice any patterns or familiar fantasy you use. Ultimately you should be able to show, if not talk with your partner about what feels good, so give your self time to figure it out first.
I have mixed feelings about masturbating in front of my girl, on the one hand, she says she loves watching, and that she loves the idea of watching without me knowing she's there...

In reality though, it generally makes me feel uncomfortable, pressured, and less relaxed generally, and generally makes me force it to an end before the point of it being as pleasurable as it could be.

Example, if she's sleepy and wants to go to bed, and I want sex, she might tell me to masturbate. In that situation, she's lying there trying to get to sleep, making me even feel like an inconvenience. And then she'll say something about it making her feel unneeded afterwards, or something. I avoid it now.

If it's a fluid part of sex, though, it's great/fine.
Hell yes I know I do!! My husband and I love to do it together. It's such a turn on to watch each other get off. Not to mention Cumming at the same time now that's the best!!
Do women like to watch men masturbate?
Do women like to watch men masturbate?
As I got a little more mature, more adventurous, I was less self-conscience and when, with my girl friends, I would get turned on. Eventually, out it came, and I started spanking my monkey. My female friends seemed to really enjoy it. Some would assist me and a few went down on me when time came to squirt. lots of erotic fun. The next time it came up-- it went in them. For some of the girls, I made a photographic show where my lovers would see me reading something pornographic, you could see, thru the underware, the growing buldge. Then out it came and would pleasure myself, wack-offing off a squirting my load. I put the presentation on Disks and gave them to the ones I was closest too. Guess they still have them....and I hope they still enjoy them.
I find that a man masturbating is a major turn on. It gets me very horny to watch a man masturbate especially when I get to see him spurt.
once i told my bf to must in front of me. when he started i turned very hot what a experence was that after when he about to shot he kissed me so hard i can never forget that kiss.
i asked my boyfriend to masturbate in front of me, he was kind of nervous but it turned me on alot alot.
Yes. I would love to watch my bf masturbate. But I am scared to ask. And I am shy to watch. I asked him once to touch himself and he did and I started laughing and he got really embarassed and stopped. But the reason I was laughing was because I was so turned on that I got shy and nervous and I always laugh whenever I am nervous. But even the little glimpse I got was priceless and very memorable.
I find it very sexy, but that's just me. I think that if my guy were to be that open with me to do something in front of me that is so private, just so hot. But, each woman thinks differently. You would want to talk to your partner and find out if she would like that. You may want to include her in your adventure...
We love putting on a show for each other and even enjoy the same types of porn. As I stroke myself I glance back and forth between the action on the screen and her doing herself with her various toys. We have agreed to only masturbate and believe me, this is very pleasurable - the most powerful orgasms of my life occur while doing this.
I like to masturbate as I lick my wife's bumhole. That is my favorite. I wait till she gets out of the bath then she bends over and holds her bum cheeks wide open. I kneel behind her and lick her hairy bumhole as I masturbate. When I want to cum I stand up and cum over her hole, rubbing my helmet on her hole as I cum and watching my cum spurt over it. I always get a very hard cock doing it and she loves it too.
One night I told my wife to lie on her stomach. I poured baby oil down her ass crack. Then I told her to start rubbing her clit. I directed her hands as she rubbed oil all in and around her cunt, till she came, moaning loudly. Then she turned over and rubbed her breasts with the oil while she pressed her clit hard, cumming again. Now she was all oiled up and I was ready to blow. I started to mount her when she closed her legs. I said, ""What are you doing? Let's fuck."" She said, ""No, you wanted me to make myself cum and that's what I am doing."" This time she took both hands and fingered herself to a huge orgasm. Then she got up and went into the bathroom.

There I was with a huge red cock ready to blow. So I took some baby oil and stroked with both hands. I had such a huge orgasm; cum went everywhere. It was tremendous.

So a few weeks later, I tried the same thing. She did the same. This time, though, as I was having the huge orgasm, I heard her moaning. She was at the bathroom door, watching and stroking.

Masturbation with a partner can be very stimulating. I keep my entire genital area hair free. This makes oral sex so much more enjoyable for both parties. I have a routine that I always follow. I get in the shower and give my asshole a good douching. Then me and my partner get naked and climb in bed.

She sucks my cock until it is throbbing and then I start jacking off. She then switches her tongue's attention to my balls and asshole. After she lubes up my asshole with her saliva she starts stretching and teasing it until she can get most of her hand inside me. In and out with her fingers while I am pumping furiously on my cock. The pleasure level is so intense that I can not hold back and cum flies everywhere.

My personal best time was when I caught my wife masturbating. One night I was really tired and went to bed before she did. As she came in, I woke up, but I pretended to still be sleeping. She laid down next to me. After about 15-20 minutes I started to hear some movement under the covers. She turned over and was lying kind of on her left side and stomach. Her head was turned away from me and her left hand was straight down. I was on my side facing her. As we laid there every once and a while I felt the bed shake a little.

I opened my eyes once and I thought I saw her left arm moving. My mind started to run 500 miles an hour. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I was so turned on. I was instantly hard as rock. My wife is pretty conservative. Once I had asked her if she ever did it. She said NO! She would only admit to a little exploring when young. I continued to lie perfectly still trying to verify what I thought was happening. I strained to see and hear more. I could then see her shoulder was definitely moving and I could hear that lovely squishy sound of a hot and wet pussy.

As I moved to grab myself, she suddenly stopped. I continued to pretend I was sleeping, as she turned her head toward me. After a minute or two of me silently praying she would continue, she did. This time the movement was more vigorous than before. I was so excited words cannot explain it. I continued to lie there in awe. I was afraid to let her know that I was awake. I knew she would stop.

I can't stop thinking of that night. I always fantasize about it. I have asked her to let me watch since that night. She is too embarrassed. I wish I could give her a confidence boost. I have thought about letting her catch me in the same way.

About twice a week my ex-wife comes over and fucks me in the ass with a vibrator while I am jerking away. She is telling me how her boyfriend eats her pussy and she makes me say I am a little pussy while she is fucking me.
Get your partner and yourself on the bed with a pillow for each to lie on, and lie head to foot, and just jack off as you watch her jack off, and vice versa. The biggest turn-on in the world to watch someone doing themselves as they watch you do yourself and you watch as they do. You usually can come at about the same time, as you can the see the expression on her face and know that she is getting close, and you can pick up the pace to shoot at about the same time she does. Try it, you will like it
I like to get spanked while I jack off. My wife tells me how bad I am and makes me take off my pants and underwear and lie on our bed. She then spanks me with her hand. When she's done I roll over and masturbate in front of her. All the while she is talking dirty to me. She also spanks me after I cum. It's awesome.
Masturbation may be the most popular kind of sex no one talks about. As a result, myths abound about masturbation, and finding accurate information can be a trial. Test your knowledge about masturbation technique, history and culture, and if you score low be sure to explore our masturbation section for all the answers to your questions.
How To Tips for Mutual Masturbation
I've been practically obsessed with watching guys jerk off or reading stories about men masturbating. My fiance and I rent XXX movies regularly, and I beg him to let me watch him jerk himself. He works the night shift and comes home to me at seven in the morning, when I couldn't be less in the mood for sex. All he has to do, however, is climb under the covers and let me hear his hand rubbing up and down his rigid penis and put my hand on his legs to feel muscles tensing with each stroke, and my pussy gets tight and soaking. I'll climb on top of him then, or sometimes I'll touch myself until I come (that never takes long when I can see him masturbating) and then I'll open my mouth in front of his dick until his stroking causes him to spurt loads into it.

I love to hear about the details of male masturbation, like what position the guy's in, where he shoots the cum, what kind of hand grip he uses, whether he fondles his nipple, etc. My favorite fantasy scene is where the guy isn't even aware of being watched, like he's in his own masturbatory world. I've caught my fiance beating off a few times in bed when he thought I was asleep. I just lay there listening to the rubbing sound and feeling the shaking of the bed, and I nearly came without even touching myself.
Mutual masturbation stories - click here !
Do women love to watch men masturbate? Yes, sex is great and mutually satisfying when you find the right partner. Someone women really enjoy watching their lover masturbate. It is a total turn-on and many couples mutually masterbate together as part of their sexplay See our mutual masturbation page - click here !
Here are some tips for those wanting to get off and to expand their love-making. Guys, come out of the closet and start masturbating for your partner. If you are a first timer and wondering how to pop the question, we suggest purchasing the #1 male masturbation sex toy - fleshlight ( click here ). This is the icebreaker and your partner will indeed love watch you break-in your new sex toy. after all she has her vibrators and dildo's.
Mutual masturbating will be a great way to spice up your sex life - read what others are saying about mutual masturbation. If you enjoy reading these stories - we reccomment you join the Masturbation Page. You will love this online masturbation community. (click here) Try the trail membership for $5.95 - you will live the forums, photos and videos from other couples. Sex is great when you and your lover are getting off and sharing intimate moments together. A sex fulfilled couple is a happy couple.
How To Masturbate for Women
Women share their opinions:
I love masturbating to porn and experiencing mutual masturbation with a female partner. I am lucky to know a gal who is into porn and masturbation and we rent videos to watch together.
Advanced Masturbation Techniques
Share Your Masturbation Story.
Women Do you love watching your guy masturbate ?
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My wife loves to watch me masturbate.  She loves to lay down under me while I am on my knees jerking off.  She begs for me to shoot my load in her mouth.  She loves to taste my semen and swallows immediately all the while she is masturbating herself.  She gets soooooo wet watching.
My girlfreind loves to walk in the room and see me lying on the bed strocking my hard cock. she will start jacking me off herself and then make me help her,and at the same time I am rubbing her wet clit at the same time she is. we love to cum at the same time.Then we perform oral on each other.
I love watching my Mr. masturbate. Its hot.
hell yes it turns me on in fact when i dont feel like having sex but i feel like cum my man mastribates and puts it in a cup for me
yummie yummie yum yum.....my last boyfriend was a babe but he was very very shy ..... i thk it wud b erotic if my brand new honey wud be up for puttin on a bit of a show for me...for my eyes only of course ....starin at his face......listenin to his groan.....the very thought of it has me gaspin !!!!!!!
Mutual masturbation - Jack and Jill party: a gathering of males and females, who masturbate in front of each other for mutual stimulation and enjoyment. (Generally looking is encouraged but touching is not.)
Jack and Jill Party - jack and jill went up the hill to fetch some marijuana jack got high and dropped his fly, and said "do ya wanna?" jill said yes, and dropped her dress, and then they had some fun silly jill, forgot her pill, and now they have a son
Have You ever attended a Jack & Jill Party?
Jack and Jill Party
Jack and Jill party: a gathering of males and females, who masturbate in front of each other for mutual stimulation and enjoyment. (Generally looking is encouraged but touching is not.)

FYI - Test Your Sexual Knowledge !
Last weekend my wife and I went to a Jack and Jill party; she got off with some guy who jacked off his 9 or 10 inch dick in front of her, and now she's in another world most of the time.

My girl and I pulled a Jack and Jill last weekend; we've never had sex, never masturbated each other, but we're comfortable just getting ourselves off in each others' company.She's a hottie and I find she certainly beats fantasizing.
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I loooove watching men masterbate. It is the biggest turn on ever. I applaud all men who admit to doing it, and those who are man enough to let me watch. Does it make you nervous to let a woman watch you masterbate? Or would you rather have her participate? If so what would make your masterbating experiance more enjoyable? Anyone???
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